ashwagandha powder

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Dried and powdered Ashwagandha is a premium way to consume this potent, solace inducing root.

Powdered ashwagandha is easily added to smoothies and perfect for making nourishing adaptogen treats for your parent friends, or yourself, to snack on while nursing.

This sweet and warming plant is also for anyone needing to augment or increase their immunity and general strength and vigor.

My most favorite new thing to do with this powder has been to make moon milk! There are so many fun recipes online but I love using oat milk, honey and blueberries! 

This powder is also perfect for making a fast acting tincture using a ratio of 1:5 @50% alcohol!

If you like taking capsules, you can easily encapsulate for a daily supplement of locally, organically grown Ashwagandha root. 

Very limited supply but both sizes will last a good while.The one pound bag is compostable!