blue vervain

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Verbena hastata

This is THE herb for the person that is an idealist, perfectionist, has high standards for oneself and others, the list maker that is a bit stuck in their own way. 

Blue Vervain, aka Verbena hastata, is a relaxant to the nervous system and can be a great deal of help with tension in this area and it’s resulting symptoms. It can help melt away anxiety and the ache in the neck and shoulders that is caused by it. The tincture is also a great liver stimulant, restoring flow in the congested liver. It is suited for some types of menstrual distress like PMS with irritability and pain and irregular menses. Blue Vervain can also lend support in menopause and perimenopause.*

*Blue Vervain is also a very reliable emetic (vomitive), taken in large doses it can cause nausea and  vomiting. One can build up a tolerance to this by starting small and working their way up to a higher dose.  

Calming nervine, Sedative, Anxiolytic, Liver stimulant, Antispasmodic, Emmenagogue, Analgesic, Emetic