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Tagetes erecta

Mary's Gold, truly. I love everything about growing marigolds! They come up with vigor and once transplanted, seem to love spreading their roots + strong stems and blossoming with pride! They can be seen from miles away. Their scent makes me feel really good, like I'm in the garden, doing stuff + living life. I think Marigolds make me happy to be alive!

They're perfect companions to vegetables and we've found them to be helpful allies for herbs + flowers as well, protecting them from pest and perhaps encouraging strong growth all around?!

I fell in love with their ritual work when I took a workshop with Cathy + Florian of Aromagnosis. They spoke about the power of marigolds to "light the path" for our ancestors to find us and for us to find them. This rings true with my own work with marigolds + not only with ancestors but with loved ones on Earth and in other realms.

Big bright beautiful marigolds, an ally to eyes. Perfect for brightening up tea blends or natural dying.